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Plumbing Service in Toronto-based plumbing company, offering plumbing services and breakdown repairs in Toronto, in any emergency in terms of hydraulic problems, please call our 24/7 emergency plumber services in Toronto & the GTA! Our lighting quick response is guaranteed, we have emergency plumbers on call 24 hours a day, for that reason will be there at any time, whenever you need and we have a transparent pricing structure. Emergency Plumbing believes in customer care and quality, you will not be disappointed with our services. We are a family-run Plumbers Toronto and we provide you with speedy local service and take on all manner of plumbing problems that you may have now or in the future. At Emergency Plumbing, we offer a full range of emergency plumbing services to address any issue you may be facing. If you are dealing with a severely clogged drain or your water heater may be broken, or if you like to avoid future problems by scheduling a routine maintenance service, we’re to help you. Our engineers are fully trained and have all of the relevant qualifications to ensure that the repair or new installation will last the test of time. Our clients like our services and come back to use our services again and again.


Emergency Plumbers Toronto has over 15 years of experience in specifically emergency plumbing. By hiring a pro-tech emergency plumber you can avoid overtime charges that regular plumbers charge.

Our plumbing pro techs are Toronto’s #1 emergency plumbing team that can deal with a broken water main, a backed-up basement floor drain, clogged toilet, clogged bathtub or sink, broken sewer line, and sewage backup, storm drain overflow, burst pipes, frozen pipes and more.

Emergency Plumbers Toronto has over 15 years of experience in specifically emergency plumbing. By hiring a pro-tech emergency plumber you can avoid overtime charges that regular plumbers charge and you can save money for yourself.
We aim to provide a perfectionist level of service for property maintenance and everything related to plumbing. Our trained plumbers strive to deliver excellence in everything we do because we love our job. We offer friendly, fast, and unique service to our clients. Emergency Plumbers Toronto offers 24-hour service 7 days a week, we can help you in every situation. We will be there for you at a ‘snap’ of a finger and will take care of the situation. At Emergency Plumbers Toronto, we are committed to our customers’ complete satisfaction and we love it. We go beyond to ensure that our services are the best in the industry so search no more, you found the best.

What we do

We can complete any type of plumbing work you need, we make sure you always receive the highest quality work for the lowest price. We are able to keep costs at a minimum by giving you the best price in the market.
We have valuable local plumbing merchant connections to get materials at the lowest price so you can get our services at the lowest price.
Our Toronto plumbing services include services are Plumbing, Water Restoration Services, Fire Damage Restoration, Leaky, and Burst Pipes. We have been providing this service around Canada. With decades of experience our crews are prepared to get started on anything from water damage restoration, fixing leaky or burst pipes, mold cleanup and remediation, biohazard cleanups, and even fire damage restoration.

Water Restoration Services

Flooding and other water damage can be sudden, causing damage to your property and can cause many problems in your building. If you don’t fix it, water can risk your health and can create major structural damage, so you need to resolve these issues as soon as possible. Immediate action is necessary in order to save money and remove your worries, so wait no more and choose us.

Fire Damage Restoration

In the event that your property suffers fire damage, a great restoration service is who you should call after firefighters leave. A fire can be a devastating experience for you and your family, and the thought of restoring fire-damaged property can seem overwhelming and cause headaches to you.
Our restoration professionals who are largely tasked with returning homes and businesses are affected to a pre-loss condition.
Let’s take a closer look at fire damage restoration and how we can help you in the cleanup and recovery process.

Leaky and Burst Pipes

We provide fast, efficient, and professional service in Toronto and cleaning of all types of piping, leaks, and water damage you may have in your building!

If a pipe is damaged and bursts, it will spill hundred gallons of water per hour and can cause you thousands of dollars damages by increasing the risk of mold and other serious problems. The moment you realize that a pipe has exploded, you should take immediate action by calling us as soon as possible.

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Colleges were closed for a long time due to carona. Due to the closure of the college, dirt was accumulated. Then I had to call Tony’s team to clean it. He did a great job of cleaning

Georgia Cabinet co.

Tony’s team, they did a very good and clean job of plumbing emergency of water damage cleanup. I love him very much! I highly recommend him to all out there.

Evan Isaiah

“There was a big water damage from plumbing in my clinic. Team helped me a lot with flooding cleanup and the  water damage restoration, very well trained.”

Yndra Rose


Our Emergency Plumber crew is on call 24/7 so do not hesitate to ask any questions. We know during a water emergency there is no time to spare.

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